Our Activities

Many studies have shown the efficacy of Mindfulness in stress reduction and the long-term improvement in physiological indicators for blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, urinary systems, and psycho - social and behavioral parameters, such as improved sensory and emotional regulation.

Exposing audiences to our programs will get them acquainted with innovative tools and lifetime skills:

  • Integration of mindfulness-based programs

  • Teacher  training given by leading academics in the field from Israel and abroad

  • University courses and class instructions for students in related fields such as medicine, education, nursing, care

  • Mindfulness-based courses for parents in elementary school, middle,  and high school.

  • Mindfulness-based customized courses for therapists


Specific research shows that 69% of participants exhibit long-term improvement in several physiological indexes (blood pressure, heart-rate, intestinal and urine system performance) as well as psycho-social and behavioral performance - an improvement in the regulation of sensations and emotions.



Our programs include:

  • Building programs in each practice in accordance with the latest research in each subject

  • Creating a pilot in four schools and customizing programs and work plans according to the needs of each school

  • Training staff

Integration of programs stages

  1. Training stage of three months for the educational and therapeutic teams,  including a one-week meeting of 4 hours each

  2. Accompanying the team throughout the year

  3. Monitoring and evaluating – documenting the processes and encouraging the teams to report and keep in touch via our website.

  4. Encouraging the teams to create forums in facebook and other social media, as a means of  exchanging  ideas and discussing  joint issues