AHI offers varied and specially-adopted training programs. These programs, which are tailored to the needs of different audiences, serve to empower and promote communal change.

Thus, AHI offers training programs for the school staff, groups of therapists, for students training to be future professional educators and for parents.

The training programs introduce the idea that mindfulness promotes education that leads to personal well-being and it encourages and directs the individual to be a part of a community that serves their own growth.

AHI supports the individuals as well as the community in their growth and learning processes.



Courses selection

  • Integration of reflection and mindfulness-based programs in the educational and therapeutic domains in Israel.

  • Training courses for school educators. These classes are given by leading Israeli as well as overseas academic training professionals.

  • Training courses given to academic students in relevant fields: medicine, education, nursing, therapy-related fields, etc.

  • Mindfulness-based training courses given to the parents of elementary, mid-school and high-school students.

  • Mindfulness-based training for therapists.