Our objectives

In Israel, the AHI organization intends to generate significant change, to upgrade the quality of education and therapy provided to youth, and thus to effectively create a new educational reality

Our desire is to form many mindfulness communities, where parents and educators / therapists coordinately function for the welfare of the community and its individuals.

We view the triad child-parent-school as a creative communal force, and the resulting community shall create an environment that empowers, develops and expands the child’s horizons. At its foundations are the values of honor, creativity, excellence, and love for the other. We would like to develop for ourselves as adults, and for our children, an Israeli cultural identity that is tolerant, valuable and open to the world.

AHI is an umbrella organization that caters to the needs of many varied communities of the Israeli society. The organization accepts membership from secular, and religious communities from all affiliations (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze and mixed).



AHI strives to change the educational dialogue in Israel and to lead ethical, intellectual and value-based change.

We are actively engaged in the Israeli public arena, with the intent to enhance the physical as well as the spiritual reality, for the well-being of the society at large.

Within AHI, all are welcomed to find their place,
according to their own path and creed.