Vision and Social Activism

With the belief that a higher quality of life for each individual will result in a more productive and pleasant society for all.

We envision a society that will choose to promote each individual as an equal to all others, and thus advance together as a caring, human group who nurtures itself and its surroundings.

We believe this situation is possible in any environment, and is consistent with human quality and excellence, with respect and tolerance for the other as its basis.

Even in complex situations, one should never say never, since hundreds of examples exists that situations can change, and good will of all concerned always leads to higher ground.

AHI believes in continuous renewal, examining all educational advancements and innovations, including the latest technologies and even to environmental and ecological initiatives.


While honoring the differences between individuals, and the personal potential of each one of us, devoid of judgment for the path you choose to tread.
All of us, together as individuals and as a society, can create change.