The Institute

The AHI Research and Development (R&D) Institute

AHI has established a co-operative R&D center to serve as a clearinghouse of information and knowledge and to co-operate with other assisting organizations for the purposes of fundraising, supporting communities and development of educational methodologies and programs.

The institute offers a wide range of empirical and theoretical knowledge in the education and therapeutic domains. We strive to keep abreast of the academic research in these areas, specifically as it pertains to children and youth.

Among its other aims, the institute strives to promote the professional development of educational, psycho-didactic, programs, other education-supporting communal systems.

Organizationally, the institute shall support the step-by-step process of formation of communities and their daily operations.

Additionally, the institute offers a unique program that guides and supports communities that desire to adopt mindfulness as part of the communal life.



Within AHI, all are welcomed to find their place,
according to their own path and creed.